Uh Oh! Kitteh masters round doorknob

Direct link is here (2:01)

Human says: "We put Neo in his room for being bad one night and heard a door open up. We thought someone was breaking into the apartment, but it was just Neo walking through the kitchen and asking us nicely why we put him in there. :)"

Human also says: "Thanks to the tripod, without which there would not be a vid." Thus, vid cam was set up to capture kitteh behavior in situ.


  1. Oh, gawd, we may be doomed! The only thing that may be working in our favor is that the doorknobs Hoover is faced with are on doors that open inward. However, there is that table by the back door that may give him a vantage point...

    (As an aside, the word verification for this is "stsame," so it's nice to know that McSame seems to have lined up a job for after the election...)

  2. Hi Marion-

    I've watched that vid several times, and still don't see how the kitteh got the traction to turn the knob.

    Funny about your word verification- I've gotten a few that made me laugh, bec. they seemed oddly appropriate to the particular topic.

    You think we should trust HIM with blogger security?!


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