Ragdoll kitteh intent on watching tree frogs on TV

So, it is now confirmed via my research that kittehs love to watch nature programs on TV. Watch until the end of this- kitteh #2 is obviously very upset that she doesn't have the prime viewing seat!

Direct link is here (2:30)

p.s. Michael of Pictures of Cats has a great informational video about ragdoll cats here, and more details are here as to how this relatively recent cat breed came about.


  1. At one point we had a video for cats that had been filmed at a bird sanctuary. ALL the cats (we had 4 at the time) went nuts. One in particular was completely entranced, and kept going up and patting the screen. She also got up on the TV to check behind it when a bird flew away, just to make sure it wasn't back there...

  2. Hi Marion,

    You have such great cat stories!


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