Pet insurance- and some music and deep thoughts

Two seemingly unrelated trains of thought came to mind, and coalesced for a post.

It was prompted by a great post yesterday by Trex. Read it. He mentioned the loss of Elissa, his human friend, and also, the loss of Gus, his kitteh friend. The losses occurred some 2 years ago, and as a regular reader of TRex, I followed both events. Losing a friend, human or cat, can cut your guts right out.

In the story about Elissa, TRex posted part of the lyrics of a Cyndi Lauper song- Time after Time.
When you’re lost,
You can look
and you will find me.
Time after time.
When you fall,
I will catch you,
I will be waiting.
Time after time…
That's what friends are. This is just a great song. The following YouTube has the audio with the lyrics overlaid.

Direct link is here (4:00)

Now the idea of coupling this with information about pet insurance may seem a bit sordid, but trust me, that is not my intention. It's just that I had read some comments about various online friends almost losing their kittehs to illness, and got me to researching pet insurance. One online friend said how his pet insurance had saved him from an impossible financial burden, and thus his kitteh. Another online friend, who didn't have pet insurance thanks family for their generous gifts, which helped Louie the Maine coon make it through:

The following quote is from comment at this YouTube link:
~~This video is dedicated to our Nani and Grandpa. A while back, Louie was at deaths door with a sudden and very critical asthma attack. Having had no previous indication Louie was ill, we didn't even recognize what was wrong with him. When he was finally diagnosed, the Vets said they might be able to save him, but the cost of treatment was more than our family could even think of affording. Nani and Grandpa were Louie's angels. They paid for his treatment, and without their love, Louie wouldn't be here today. ~~

Oh, and in case you don't know who Louie the Maine coon is, (direct link is here) (1:42), he's 30 trim pounds of Maine coon kitteh, and the doggie is his love, Miss Sassafrass, the miniature Schnauzer, who weighs in at a mere 14 pounds.

Okay, the pet insurance issue. I have never had pet insurance, and until a few days ago, it had never even crossed my mind. I didn't know there was such a thing. I did a lot of teh google, and here are the two most informative takes/links I came up with:

Pet Insurance ReviewThis covers all of the insurance companies I had already found via teh Google, and says:
Researching Pet Insurance?
Read reviews and opinions from hundreds of current policy owners
Compare rates and coverage from the leading pet insurers
Get free quotes from multiple pet insurance companies

Already Own Pet Insurance?
We want to hear from you: the good, bad & the ugly!
Help other pet owners decide which pet insurance company is right for them.
And, second link, FWIW from MSM Money, "Should you buy pet insurance?" is here


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