International kittehs- TV Update on Maine coons in Russia

Nursery maine-coon`s LuKoshkino for the first time on the TV!

Little did I know when I first found bortapir's wonderful videos posted on YouTube how the story would evolve/devolve. All I knew was that the sum total of the YouTubes he posted were quite wonderful. As I said in my first post about this, no single YouTube was "the best cat video ever" (phrase I have seen way too many times, watching kitteh videos). But, I watched them all, and put together, they really told a story of Maine coon kitteh love in a household in Russia. Here is my first post about these Maine coon kittehs in Russia.

So, as it has turned out, bortapir and wife really love Maine coons (which was already apparent from previous YouTubes I'd watched), and that they love them so much that they started a Maine coon Nursery, that is, they became serious about Maine coons, and now have their own "cattery". The link is here.

I previously posted an Italian TV interview with a man who breeds Norwegian cats in Italy.

And now, I am happy to present a Russian TV interview with bortapir.

The Italian TV interview was, er, in Italian. And, bortapir's TV interview is in, well, of all things, Russian! But, you really don't need to understand Russian to feel the kitteh love. And, oh my, look at the ribbons.

Direct link is here (1:58)

I think I can identify some of those kittehs from this previously posted YouTube, Flying electrobroom!.(Originally posted on this blog here...)Direct link is here (4:48)


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