International kittehs- the "hidden" YouTube world

Well, of course the phrase "hidden YouTube world" comes from the perspective of a speaker of English. But, I've discovered that there are great YouTubes out there that can't be found using "English" search terms, because the search terms are posted in, say, Italian. This didn't turn up using "Norwegian forest cats", but instead via "gatti delle foreste Norvegesi".

It's a TV interview with an Italian who breeds Norwegian forest cats. Yep, it's in Italian, and I have to confess that I understood hardly a word of it, except "la coda". Pretty easy to figure that out ;) la coda = the tail, especially as the visual was a close up of the kittehs tails. I've heard Maine coons described as a "tail with a cat attached", and since Norwegian forest cats are the ancestors of the Maine coon... same applies! But, you don't have to understand a word of Italian to enjoy this video- the kittehs speak the international language.

Direct link is here (5:10)

The cattery is "Allevamento Aretusa" and here's a link to the site. The pictures of Norwegian forest cats are wonderful! Two examples:


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