DO NOT let Hoover the Cat watch these instructional videos

In a previous post that featured kitteh turning on shower tap, I also noted a comment from Marion in Savannah: "I live in fear of a kitteh who solves the doorknob problem, however. Hoover is working on it from several angles..."

I do, in fact, have an extensive YT library of cats and doorknobs, none of which I have shown thus far. But, now is the time. Almost without exception, the lever shaped "doorknob" was featured in the YTs I found. Thus:

Direct link is here (0:53)

This is one of the very few YTs I found featuring a real "doorknob"- round thingy that is used to open doors.

Direct link is here (0:25)

Upon close review of the second YT, I now see that the doorknob, even though round, has a textured surface. Aha! Leverage for kitteh paws.

Marion in Savannah, so that I can continue to provide you with pertinent kitteh information, I do need know the details of the "doorknobs" that Hoover the Cat is dealing with. ;)


  1. Thank heaven for us, Hoover is faced with round brass doorknobs with no texture for kitteh paws. If I ever see him licking his paws hoping to get some traction I'll know I'm in DEEP trouble. He works particularly hard on the back doorknob, which he can reach from a table next to the door so he doesn't have to reach up...

    I made sure he was out of the room this morning, and I'm turning off the power to the monitor so he can't see these videos later. I don't think he's learned where the power button is yet...


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