Cartoon cat- and now for something completely different

This post goes out with thanks to my internet pal twolf, who has, among other things, helped me when I lost the instruction book for my D60 Canon camera, made me an awesome "I can haz" version of bats for teaching, AND gave me first the Simon's Cat link.

Oh, this YouTube is only sorta completely different, because this is true cat behavior, if not in details then certainly in spirit.

Simon's Cat 'TV Dinner' Direct link is here (2:35)


  1. Oh, it's true cat behavior in all the details too! I howled. There's not a single thing that kitteh does (well, other than point to its mouth) that one or all of my kittehs haven't done. Taking up the entire bed is more of a challenge than just a couch, but they usually learn that stretching out on the diagonal can shove a compliant human into a small, compact ball, thus leaving more space for kitteh. Funny stuff, this one.

  2. Marion, thanks as ever for your astute and amusing comments. Yes, rethinking it, the details are correct!


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