More door opening techniques

Whatever works! Course, some kittehs are so independent and so smart that they can open doors without calling in their humans- as seen in several previous posts here. And, the example below really wasn't much of a challenge- one of those "lever" door handles. Still, there did seem to be a bit of kitteh collusion going on... And, unless I am mistaken, I see a cat door... which was not the method of choice for travel!

Direct link is here (0:12)

Human says: Our Maine Coon Cat Gizmo. With his size and his 20 pounds, he is able to open doors very easily! :-)

And, p.s. Marion in Savannah, thanks for your kind comment and concern. I got laid low with some awful chest cold that was going around- went through 5 big bottles of cough syrup. And, also there's that day job stuff, which is particularly intense this time of year. Plus the holiday season. I am going to Christmas in Connecticut, to visit the home of "the awesome equine cat brush". So, I'll get some kitteh love real time.


  1. Glad you're on the mend. A similar thing is going around Savannah, and it's horrible. I haven't gotten it [knocks on wood], and I hope I don't.

    As far as door opening techniques, Hoover has found sitting in the window boxes outside Mr. Marion in Savannah's office/sanctuary effective. Heaven help us, he and Victoria, Empress Of All The Known Galaxies, seem to be starting to really get along. There have been play chases and peace has reigned with both of them on the bed at the same time. We live in dread of when they start colluding...

    Glad you're feeling better — have a wonderful Christmas, with lots of kitteh purrs.


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