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Normally I ignore these things, but seeing as how it’s TRex, I will comply. Trex has been a pal for a long time.

Six Random Things About Me

1) I don't have a "real" cat right now. But I enjoy my virtual kittehs. The morning after I started my kitteh blog, I came downstairs to find a kitteh peering through the French doors. hmmm...

2) I came down with Rubella/ German measles while staying at the Stand Palace Hotel in Rangoon, Burma (or Yangoon as it is now). I had complained of feeling unwell, but my traveling companion was convinced that I just had a "bad attitude".

3) I love listening to "Books on Tape". My view is that listening to a story being told gets back to the early roots of story telling- a verbal tradition.

4) One of my all time favorite movies is "Better Off Dead".

5) At least 4 of the people I link at "these are not sweet kitteh blogs" are avowed kitteh lovers. I will try to get the goods on the others.

6) I asked TRex if his kittehs were "traditional Siamese", or the other kind- the type that is now officially known as "Siamese" in the world of cat breeding. He told me that his are are "traditional Siamese". TRex asked me if I would like some comments from the guys (teh kittehs) but I haven't gotten back to him yet. But, I'd sure like to know what they think of these kittehs:

Direct link is here (0:57)


1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
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I've tagged Brad at BradBlog, Howie Klein at Around the World Blog, Bob in Pacifica at South of Heaven, Phil Munger aka ET at Progressive Alaska, Steve at SteveAudio, and The Sailor at SteveAudio. And, I promise not to do this again, guys! ;)


  1. I got your tag and I'm close to responding but I'll do so from VidiotSpeak, the other site I post at.

    If it wasn't you and T Rex I dunno whether I would have joined in the fun.

  2. Hello "The Sailor"-

    Thank you. I am flattered.

    Yes, I know what you mean. As I said, I'm only gonna do this once ;)

    I wasn't sure where to tag you, but as I've commented at SteveAudio, I chose that instead of VidiotSpeak.


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