OMG! More Box Cat!

Uh, well, I guess I haven't been keeping up! The Box Cat has a gazillion YouTube hits, for good reason.

Direct link is here (2:06)

Hmmmm... can you help diagnose "Box Cat"? According to the choices in the final illustrations, I'd say he is a "classic tabby", but alas that really doesn't help too much in explaining his behavior. lol.

Here's a closer look at "Box Cat". Direct link is here (0:32)

tabby types: mackerel, classic/blotched, spotted

L to R:
Mackerel tabby- narrow dark striping around tail and legs, solid or broken stripes down sides and one or more necklaces on chest.

Classic or blotched tabby- large "oysters" or blotches ending in circular pattern along the sides

Spotted tabby- smaller dark patches formed into oval or round shape.


  1. I guess Louis is a mackerel tabby.


  2. SF Chronicle, re Gavin Newsom's online state of the city address:

    Right. Because people, particularly young voters, watch YouTube. But those people are watching funny cat stunts and people flying off trampolines, not a video of a talking head reciting eye-glazing statistics.

    yes, we can....


  3. Hi punaise!

    Great pix of Louis.

    I'd guess he is a mackerel tabby too.

    I had previously thought (before I started doing "arcane" research for this blog) that what is called a mackerel tabby actually = The Tabby. Mistaken childhood impression, because of the tabbies, 5 of 6 were "mackerels" and then there was this other one- large swirls- the odd one.

  4. And, thanks for the Chron link, punaise.

    Pretty amusing article.

    ~~They also might want to think about doing more than just have Newsom stand in front of some blurry color slides and talk.

    "I think this was a pretty good first step," said Coye Cheshire, an assistant professor at UC Berkeley's School of Information. "I applaud Newsom's open attempt to embrace new media and experiment with new formats for reaching the public.~~

    New media? hahaha.

    Stand in front of blurry slides and talk? Well, that would have been a loser in a live venue. Someone needs to get a clue that putting it on YouTube instead (because YouTube is cool?) does not add any coolness factor what so ever!

    Someone from his team needs to watch some great cat YouTubes, to get a clue! If you see what I mean.

  5. Punaise!

    Thanks for the "affirmation" of my comment. I don't follow SF politics all that much, so for a moment, I was worried that I might be misreading your intent.


  6. p.s. I do really like the photos I've seen of Louis (from a while back) where he was featured with the coordinating "mackerel tabby" chair cushions! ;)


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