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Yeah, cats do this kind of stuff. One of mine had an interesting variation. Meow, meow, food, food, walking on top of me, etc. I was awake, but trying to ignore it all. To see how long I could get away with it. And then, everything went quiet. No movement. I waited and waited, then cautiously opened one eye. And, what should I see but a kitteh nose, and kitteh eyes, checking me out at VERY close range. Wow, had she ever moved in on VERY quiet kitteh feet. I think she was trying to determine if I was dead or alive. twolf, my internet pal who sent me the Simon's cat links, said something like this: "She was trying to figure out where her next meal was coming from- if you were going to be it."

UPDATE: litbrit posted a great link, How to tell is your cat is planning to kill you on TRex's blog


  1. Simon's cat does make me giggle. Hoover has a great way of waking people up — he has fairly long whiskers which he gently brushes across your nose...

  2. Both of my varmints like to do this to me, especially when the little bastards know I am hungover.

    OH! LMAO! My word verification is, Trimpusi!

  3. While I realize that this is a kitteh video blog, TRex posted the cutest video of what I guess is a baby hamster, Mocha in "His First Broccoli." I'm link-challenged in comments, but I'm going to try:

    It's the thing he does with his feet that is so cute...

    Bustednuckles, a trim pussy is nothing we need to worry about here, not at the rate they eat!


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