Interspecies Love- ahhh.... imo, a must watch

If I remember correctly, this is the first time ever that I have put up a YouTube that showed kitty doggy love. Oh, no, wait, I did once before, but it was totally different.

This is just a wonderful YouTube. It was posted 1+ days ago, and I predict that it will get into the gazillion hits category, sooner or later. It deserves to, and not just for the great video, but because of the story behind it.

Direct link is here (1:41)

Human says: "Louie the Maine Coon regularly gives his little pet Miss Sassafrass (a miniature Schnauzer) a tidy bath. Oh if all the world were this sweet!"

And this, added by Human in comments, in answer to the question "How old is Louie?": "Louie is almost 8. We had a Schnauzer that was killed in the pet food poisoning over a year ago and we had to get another pup right away because Louie was so sad we thought he was going die himself. When he saw Miss Sassafrass, he claimed her for his own. It's been true love ever since."

Oh, my. I followed that issue of the pet food poisoning at that time- just plain awful. But this is the first first-person report I've read. My heart goes out to "snowmominator" (the handle of the YouTuber who posted this).

I always give the direct link to the YouTube, in case anyone feels inclined to leave a comment there, or rate the video. Hint, hint.

p.s. and just for the record, this YouTube had 72 hits when I first watched it.


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