International kittehs- Maine coons in Russia- the flying electrobrooms

This is another video from the wonderful series that documents the life of Maine coons in a Russian household. The first installment, with more information is here

After watching the first installment, Marion in Savannah, always the astute observer of cats, said: "Ah... I can see that they have one of the "I can travel all the way across the room without touching the floor" kittehs."

Marion, I have news for you- they have flying electrobrooms. ("Flying electrobroom" was the title of the following YouTube.) And, it looks like they have a installed a training track for practice!

Boris has told me that he has to rely on a translation program to write in English. (Uh, I have to do the same for anything not in English.) And, the translations programs I've used are, er, rather imprecise. I've been scratching my head, trying to figure out how the term "electrobroom" might have come about in translation. No idea. But, I have to say it is rather felicitous! You will see what I mean!

And, also in a comment on the earlier post, Boris responds and provides more information:
The big-big gratitude that have paid to us attention.
We very much love cats. We have young nursery main-coon LuKoshkino in the city of Ryazan.
The first kittens at us have already left. We very much miss.
Come to us on a visit! :)
Oh, my! I do enjoy international kitteh blogging. I've "met" cat owners from around the world. And, kittehs do speak the same language the world over.

Direct link is here (4:48)

And, thanks to the power of the internet, I MAY have figured out who the three kittehs are. The little ones are siblings (orange is male and brown grey is female I'd guess) and big cat who arrives in the second half is their momma cat! If I am correct, then that really makes me laugh, and adds a new level of meaning to the video. Momma cat is keeping a close eye on her offspring, and is NOT happy with their unruly behavior!

: I just received a message from the cat Human, Boris. If I understood the message correctly, the BIG CAT who appears in the video is the Uncle Cat, not the Mother Cat. And, that is even more amusing!

The Uncle, in the video, is named "Dragon". And the mother cat in the photo is named princess Shanezhka (Russian pie).

Boris adds: "I very much hope that Shanezhka becomes fast the world champion."


  1. The daddy of kittens lives far - in Kazan. From Ryazan it on distance more than 550 miles. Both kittens have left to the father in fine nursery "My Cat's Cradle"


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