Be very careful... kitteh is watching..

The graphic below is one of many from the absolutely hilarious How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you. I urge to check out the whole thing, at the link above, and then click through to find more wonderful work from this astute cat observer, and awesome web designer. I found the "guide" a while back, and I laugh every time I find a YouTube that provides further evidence.

Direct link to YouTube evidence is here (1:19)


  1. That's some funny shit. I always figured a good sign was when they sit on top of the television and stare at ya funny for hours as you go about yer bizness.
    This seems to only happen after you have spent good money making sure the little bastards can't breed anymore.

  2. LOL! I will have to make sure that the person who created the cat guide sees your comment!

  3. kind of like a playful moray eel?



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