Volunteer Fire Dept in PA rescues cat from tree

The following is absolutely the longest YouTube I have ever posted. But, I have to say that I was really howling with laughter, because I found it after finding the cartoon above. I think that the cat capture takes place at about 4:35, but you have to watch carefully to see it. And, about that time, I think I heard one of the rescuers say "wait til you get the bill for this!"

And, read this, before you watch, because this is not altogether a laughing matter. The Bloomsburg Fire Department is a "Volunteer" fire department. That means that the men and women who serve do so because of their dedication to the community, amidst day jobs.

I grew up in the greater Lost Angeles area, and I didn't even know that some places, many small towns, rely on local volunteers to staff the Fire Department. I learned that when I started visiting Maine, where again, it is the goodness of heart and the dedication of local heroes that makes for this essential fabric of community.

Here is the link to the BFD site.

Cat is rescued by BFD from the top of a 60-70 foot tree. Bloomsburg, PA.
Direct link is here (7:10)


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