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I started this blog in a moment of madness, because I had found so many great kitty YouTubes, and sent them to friends. But then I thought, well, why not start a blog... so that I can have a record of all these great YouTubes for anyone who wants to watch. But, I didn't have any idea where it would go, so I left myself an out: "and occasionally some other stuff, maybe".

I'm a cat fan, but also enjoy the art and craft of movies, albeit with a certain eclectic view. Occasionally I go off on a "movie tear" at YouTube. I was off watching Fred Astaire when I remembered an item of memorabilia I had saved. I was in NYC visiting a friend (you'll see the date) and saw this on the news stand. I had to grab a copy- or rather, it reached out and grabbed me. "Taps for Fred Astaire".

Taps for Fred Astair my personal copy photo by VG

This is the clip I was watching when I remembered that piece of newspaper memorabilia I had tucked away- "Puttin' on the Ritz". Direct link is here


  1. There never was anyone else like Fred Astaire. He possessed such grace and style even when he guest-starred in TV shows like "It Takes a Thief" or "Battlestar Galactica".

  2. Always a joy to watch. It was hard to choose which clip to put up.


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