New cat toys- remote control helicopters!

Looking for a new cat toy? I'm gonna get one of these!

Direct link is here

Human says: Snow White meows for her new toy, the Helicopter! Watch an exotic shorthair cat take on a remote control helicopter and have the time of her life! This is her favorite toy and the Air Hogs Havoc Helicopter survives quite a lot of abuse.

YouTube commenter says: Our cat, Grendel, kept getting up on the shelf and finding where we stored our helicopter. He'd drag it to a corner and "kill" it when we weren't watching!

Human of Snow White replies: Snow White's trying to find the helicopter too, lol. We have to hide it from her!

Here are some price comparisons link - looks like one helicopter is ~ $40.00.

And here's a fun YouTube explaining how to control the helicopters (no kittehs involved)Direct link is here

And, what exactly IS an "exotic shorthair"? Well, it's an actual cat breed! Michael has a great article that gives the details- starting with "This highly interesting (and perhaps slightly amusing) looking cat is a simple hybrid, originally, of two pure-bred cats, the American Shorthair and the Persian". His article on the Exotic Shorthair will tell you all you need to know, along with some great pictures.


  1. I don't have a cat, and I still want one of these.

  2. Hi Steve-

    Yes, they look pretty cool! I wonder if they could be used to chase squirrels away. But you'd probably have to own a whole fleet of RC helis for that.

    Please report back if you get one of these!

  3. WOW I have the same RC heli, didn't think to give that a try with my cats. Would be cool if you could get a mini camera for the front of the heli.

  4. Hi Matt

    I would love to see a vid of how your crazy Maine coons react to the RC heli. There are some more YouTubes of cats and RC helis, but the "5 star" ones are in very short supply.

    You've got the right "style" to make a winner. imho.

    A long while back I found some articles and maybe a vid from someone how used a mini camera attached to a cat's collar to track (time lapse) of the cat's daily rounds. I'll see if I can dig it out. But a mini-camera in a heli? Not seen that. What a great idea.

  5. You dont have to pay that much for a cat toy... You can even find or create cat toys from scratch... but i wouldnt mind getting a helicopter like that for a cat toy...

  6. Hi palaboy- I just thought the heli was an intriguing idea.

    Tootsie has totally ignored some of the "official" pet toys I've bought her. In a later post I mention twist ties- she is totally into batting those around- her invention.

    Oh, she uses the larger sturdy ones. I don't think she'd swallow anything, but I removed any of the smaller paper and wire ones.


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