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Maine coon polydactyl Tootsie, my rescue catOh, Hai! I've being taking more Tootsie photos. She was a challenging subject today. I just could not get her to play with straws the way she does when the lights are out. But, I did get her to give a "high five" to the ceiling cat. And, she hinted that she would like to have her tummy rubbed. She has quite a respectable Maine coon tail- but not yet up to "tail with a cat attached" status. Reports will continue.
Maine coon polydactyl Tootsie, my rescue cat
Maine coon polydactyl Tootsie, my rescue cat

Click on the label "cat photography" to see more pictures of Tootsie the polydactyl Maine Coon.


  1. Awww... She's SO pretty. I'll bet all that beautiful coat needs a lot of grooming, though.

  2. Hi Marion-

    Yes, very pretty, elegant, graceful.

    Somehow the original names for my cats get replaced by something else that the cat and I use in casual conversation. She is now "beauty cat". As in "how's the beauty cat this morning?" ;)

    To my surprise, her coat doesn't require that much grooming (by me). Her fur is fine and very silky, and no tendency to mat that I can see. Fingers crossed!


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