Will cat brushes become my new obsession?

I'm well on the way, although I have acquired only five so far.

So, Tootie did not like Teh Awesome Equine Cat Brush. And, I had driven miles across CT to find one for her (CT was site of previous purchase). Sigh. As my mother would say "well, that's the cat in her".

Tootsie the Maine coon does not like ANY of the five cat brushes I've purchased. Actually, I've had greater success grooming her with my grandmother's rhinestone hair comb.

That said, the Human in the household (that would be me) loves this purchase (to the right). I found it in the pet aisle at Publix. I thought, heck, what's another cat brush? I'll give it a try.

My oh my! It takes the kitty hairs (and other random stuff) off clothing in a way that puts to shame that weird plastic item with the red velveteen brush surface.

I used it to brush off a pair of gray wool slacks (part of my teaching uniform). They look brand new. Can't wait to try it on the car!

For the money, it was a MUCH better purchase than the Roomba! More on THAT later!

Update: I thought I'd leave an update, because Marion in Savannah asked about the Roomba in comments. Karen Marie left a comment that reflects my experience so far. (see comments). The summary would be- Roomba: badly designed, doesn't pick up hair or fine dust, useless on hardwood floors, clogged internally with dirt, went into trash.

And, my cat hates it. It's very noisy on tile and hardwood floors. So the Roomba isn't even a good cat toy.

Update: Even though Tootsie didn't like any of the brushes, I've discovered that she loves the cheap plastic comb: Maine coon grooming - Summertime and the shedding is easy


  1. Thanks for the tip. The next time I'm in Publix I'll look for one. A Roomba? You have a Roomba? Does it work, or is it too good to be true?

  2. Hi Marion-

    I bought the cheapest Roomba I could find, and bought online.

    I'll try to put together a post about this for some later date.

    So far, it's been a disappointment. I've only tried it on tile (Tootsie's bathroom) and hardwood floors. It navigates the areas just fine, but the brush is too coarse to pick up fine dirt. Everything depends on the brush, as there's no suction. Haven't tried it on carpet yet.

    But, my cheapie model did not live up to the 5 stars it got.

    If you are thinking of getting one, well, let me know. I haz advice!

  3. WHAT?!!
    She doesn't like Teh Cat Brush?!!

    My cats freaking LOVE that thing!

    OH, honey!

  4. my advice: don't buy a roomba.

    i bought one and it lasted less than six months.

    i had two dogs and two cats, wood floors, no rugs at all, so i just wanted it to run around and pick up the animal hair every day.

    the thing is badly engineered. all the "guts" are open to the dust and hair you're trying to vacuum up. fine dust quickly accumulated in areas that you couldn't clean easily and would cause it to stop working until you'd spent twenty minutes with a pair of tweezers picking it out.

    it finally stopped working altogether after six months and went out with the trash.

    a broom is a lot cheaper and can be just as entertaining for your cat.

  5. Karen Marie- thanks for the comment.

    It sounds like your experience was pretty similar to mine do far. When I went to check out the reviews they were almost all positive. 5 out of 5 stars.

    I'd give it a 1 star at best. I had hopes that once I "figured out how to use it" my rating would change, but not so far. As you say, a broom does a lot better job! Or, a damp mop even with water only.


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