Dave the Maine Coon Gets a Massage

Dave the Maine coon is back! Dave's human has finally posted another YouTube of Dave. I've been waiting and waiting!

I've featured two earlier YouTubes of Dave, and imo they are must-watch delightful. Not only is Dave delightful, but Dave's Human has great video "style". And, if you go to my original posts, you can read the entertaining and enlightening comments of Dave's Human. "Dave and the Straw" is here, and "Dave the Cat Playing Fetch" is here.

Direct link to below is here (7:09)-(I usually post shorter stuff, but this is so much fun to watch!)

Dave's Human says: Dave is a 3.5 year old Maine coon and likes to get a massage. But he'll tell you in no uncertain terms when he doesn't like what you are doing.

I responded: Dave! I love Dave! What exactly did you do that he didn't like? Somehow from the vids of Dave before, he didn't seem like the biting type! Great video!

Dave's Human says: The first thing i did was rub his arm. sometimes he likes that and sometimes not. the second time he bit me i rubbed his tummy. he hates that. but i thought i could get away with it. dave doesnt generally bite but i kind of forced this massage on him - he wasnt totally in the mood. when he's in the mood he never bites me.

I responded: Tootsie my Maine coon LOVES having her tummy rubbed. One of the few positive points in the online shelter description, and I discounted this, because I have NEVER had a cat, male or female who liked having their tummy rubbed. But, she does. And, oh yeah the "sometimes he (Dave) likes it and sometimes not" yeah, well, what can I say? "Tootsie" sometimes likes having her paws massaged, and sometimes not!

(Yes, Tootsie does like having her paws massaged, sometimes.)

Click "Maine coons on YouTube" label for more great YouTubes of Maine coons.


  1. Tummy rubs! Hoover loves tummy rubs! Most of the other cats I've ever had curled up like hedgehogs if you touched their kitteh tummies, but not Hoover... Ah, soft, silky kitteh tummy...

  2. Hi VG, One other thing about Dave is that he is massive, don't you think? Maine Coons are big, yes, but I would think that he is one of the bigger ones. He's the size of a small-medium wild cat!

  3. Hi Freddie-

    Oh my indeed! Yes, Dave looks quite huge. That was my thought also.

    I actually emailed the Human to ask how much Dave weighed, but Human has not gotten back to me on that.

    I didn't ask about the other dimensions.

    I figure that Dave must weigh in at 20 lbs. plus.
    When I took Tootsie to the vet for the first time, both the "nurse" and the vet said "she's a big cat"... hmmm... I regret not having asked what that meant. She only weighs ~8 lbs (slightly more than half stone) but she is really long.

    Maybe the vets and co. have some kind of patter- like "oh, she's such a tiny cat" (compliment), or "oh, he's such a huge cat" (compliment). ;)

  4. On the other hand, Dave and his human live in Canada, so maybe it's mostly fur. ;)


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