Cat eye colors

What is the color range of cats' eyes?

I got curious about this, after doing some research on deaf cats. From Michael's post about odd-eyed cats, here it would seem that the basic colors are blue, yellow, orange and green. I've only just started to dip into all the posts over there, but discovered that the breed standards for various purebred/ pedigreed cats are specific as to the quality of eye color, for example, "vivid green" for the Russian Blue.

I went to flickr, and searched for the best photos I could find showing different eye colors- oh, not just the eyes, but the cat too! I'm only posting the ones that show the face of the cat. Along the way, I discovered that there are a lot of different eye colors. And, that sometimes I couldn't figure out how the color fell along the spectrum. I know "blue" when I see it, but yellow/ green or yellow/ orange, well? And, where the heck is "amber" on the spectrum?

And, as an aside, humans do vary in the relative percentages of photoreceptors for different colors. So, how each of us "sees" a particular color is wired in. I was reminded of this when I was visiting my college best friend over Christmas. We both knit. She said the yarn I was using was "blue", I said it was "purple/ violet". Actually, the color is "periwinkle". From wiki: "Periwinkle is a desaturated color in the blue-violet family...Periwinkle is also called lavender blue."

Do cat show judges have labeled color charts, kinda like a collection of paint chips from the local hardware store? From .imelda

All of the photos posted are under the version of the Creative Commons license that allows "sharing with attribution".

From fourasfelinas "Blue Yellow Green- Cat eye colors for all tastes!"

From ansik

From Kevin Steele "Ol’ amber eyes is back. Sometimes the light just catches Toby’s eyes perfectly. This is really what his his eyes look like; this colour is pretty true."

From Malingering "Milo eyes- Usually his eyes are an amber color, I've never seen them look green before."

From knitbunny "Timmy- Green Eyes"

From exlibris "Peaches"

From Anniewil "Two colour eyes McDreamy Cat"


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