Polydactyl Maine coons- poly paws celebration

This is Feets, Booglum's Maine coon polydactyl rescue cat:

Direct link is here

Booglum says: "Here is the baby Maine Coon Kitty, Feets, and his big huge polydactyl paws! Aww, such a baby. He is our snowstorm rescue baby. :)" I've featured Feets before, here. Love that kitty, who, btw, is somehow entered by breed as a "Mancoon" at the vets! So I've been told ;)

Here's Tootsie, my Maine coon polydactyl rescue cat (click on photo for a larger image)- also on flickr with Creative Commons License.
Maine coon polydactyl Tootsie- a poly paws celebration

Click on the label below, "polydactyl", for more polydactyl cats.


  1. Hi VG, Nice work. Hope U are well. I am in Texas and off to Oklahoma tomorrow and back on Monday.


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