Don't make your cats wear "cat costumes" for Easter...

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Knowing that Easter is coming up, I wanted to reprise something I have said before- but in a much stronger form. Earlier, in my post Holiday Kitteh Reindeer Costume- FAIL I said "I'm just not a big fan of "kitteh costumes". Cats have an innate dignity that humans often lack."

My underlying thought, for what I said more mildly before, is that we humans don't "own" cats. We are very privileged that they have chosen to associate with us.

It is an offense to cats to do make them wear "costumes" for our amusement, and that is pretty clear from the sample of comments posted by "the cat owners" in the "information" intro to various YouTubes of cats wearing costumes. Yes, this is a "fair sample":
--Captain Charisma hates being a dino cat!
--Silver still doesn't like being a dino cat
--Jade is our russian blue, she loves her costumes and enjoys traveling.
--My cat Pwca in an astronaut costume meant for dogs - not a happy kitty
--cat tries to get giraffe costume off
--this slide show shows all of my cats and they did not like the costumes
--I tried to get Saffy-cat into her Santa costume. She revolted and took it off
--He'll forgive me as soon as he sees his food bag
--My cat shake isn't fond when we put a costume on him
--This is my cat Frank in a bee costume. He doesn't like it too much
--My cat hates costumes... a lot
--We tried to fit a red devil costume on Pepper and she wouldn't have it.
--We dressed Kitty up in her Santa costume and she tried to escape.
--Dressing up cats in costumes isn't as easy as it looks.
--Patches really does like her hat, you can hear her purring.
--This is my cat Jenny in a bee costume. (and she hates it!!)
--Aleman the cat tolerates his costume Good natured cat wears a chicken head hat
--The costume only stays on him for less than 3 mins. He just hates it
--This is Fitz. He doesn't like me. He also doesn't like costumes.
--More kitty costume torture.
Can you spot the trend?

Apparently at least one other blog agrees with me on this issue- from the site "Who Sucks? We'll tell you": here:
Japan’s Hello Kitty Costume For Cats: A Nightmare Come True?

"Who Sucks" is a great blog, btw.

UPDATE 3/29- Decided to add this after reading and responding to darkblack's comment. In searching for photos, I found this on a "costume" page of an an internet pet supply site. Intro to photos of cats in costumes says:

Who says that because we're a "business" we can't also have FUN?

The staff at Internet Pet Supplies are great at humor, quotations and trivia which relates to our pets and other animals. Sometimes we spend a little "too much" time at these pass-times! (my bold)

These pages of Internet Pet Supplies website are devoted to the humor and fun that is daily found in living with our animal companions.
UH, I fail to see anything even remotely FUN or HUMOROUS about this "Arab Kitty" costume.


  1. Pet costumes are a strong indicator that one has an inordinate amount of spare time on one's hands, IMO.


  2. Hey DB! Nice to see you.

    And, in some examples, a rather warped view of the world.

    I found an internet site that sells pets supplies, and they had a "fun page" that showed cats in costumes. NONE of the cats looked happy.

    And, there was one particularly tasteless (to say the least) picture (I opened the link and it was titled "arabkitty")

    It's SO fucking cute. NOT. Cat in white robe with a bunch of "detonators" or bombs strapped on. I was apoplectic, and still chewing over how/ if to address this.

    Site with several pix is here It's the 5th pic down.

    Direct link to "arab kitty" is here

  3. Frankly, I've never seen a 'happy' animal in one of those getups, VG - It certainly reinforces the opinion that such contrivances are for the owner's pleasure at the expense of the creature's...which might beg the question, 'Exactly how much do you love your pet to do this to them?'

    I daresay that if cats, dogs and other beasties subjected to this treatment could operate handguns, this trend might evaporate rather quickly.


  4. db- now that would be a graphic!


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